Stephen Myers of Paradigm Solutions International

By Joe Shust, Editor, Continuity Insights

Continuity Insights will return to Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 20-22 for the 2015 Continuity Insights Management Conference.

As part of out “Speaker’s Soapbox” series, Continuity Insights will be holding question and answer sessions with conference speakers. They will have a chance to discuss why they chose their topic and why it is important for business continuity professionals. We will be featuring these sessions in the CI Bulletin, as well as on the management conference web site.

Stephen Myers of Paradigm Solutions International will Present “Conducting an Effective Tabletop Exercise: A Step-by-Step Approach.” His interactive presentation will focus on embeding effective tabletop exercises into a business continuity program and how to counduct an impactfula and relevant exercise.

CI: Why did you select this topic to present?

SM: Along with routine operational challenges, each day organizations are exposed to a wide variety of threats including those from natural, technological, biological and human threats. These issues bring about a variety of challenges that could adversely affect corporate objectives. Remember, regardless of the operating environment, someone very important assumes you have this covered (i.e., customers, shareholders, regulators, board members).

The best defense against these threats is to develop a comprehensive testing process that exercises all elements of the global business continuity program. A proven process at the core of the testing program is the conduct of a tabletop exercise.

CI: How has this topic improved your BC program, your team or organization, and/or you professionally?

SM: We have used tabletop exercises to:

  • Improve understanding of requisite business recovery responses during a crisis event.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement of preparedness efforts among the teams/team plans.
  • Identify interdependencies among the business units and 3rd party service providers (critical work inflows and work outflows).
  • Increase awareness of business impacts resulting from uncontrollable events inside or outside the organization.

CI: What would you like the lesson learned and/or most valuable “takeaway” to be for those attending your session?

SM: When properly executed, tabletop exercises can lead to significant improvements in the global program.