BIA and Risk Assessment

A sound Business Continuity Program begins with an Assessment Phase which includes a BIA and Risk Assessment. These foundation activities define the risk/threat environment, illustrate the potential impacts that may result from a disruption and serve as the basis for building a strategy for plan development.

Undertaking these tasks can be daunting for even the most experienced practitioner, and more so for time-starved managers charged with conducting the assessments while maintaining a full schedule of regular duties. Too often the sheer volume of information that must be collected and compiled competes with other priorities leading to understated conclusions and misassumptions.

Technology can play a key role in flattening the learning curve and streamlining data collection/compilation routines. Applying the right technology to the BIA and Risk Assessment process facilitates a consistent, structured approach thereby allowing management to focus on analyzing mitigants that are in line with the overall corporate strategic plan.

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