BIA and Risk Assessment

Where does your company stand when it comes to adopting effective  business continuity management (BCM) practices? Do you  understand your current BCM level of maturity and opportunities for  improvement? The PSI BCM Preparedness Assessment Survey can  help you unlock the full value of BCM and provide targeted  recommendations for improving your maturity level.

Answer a short set of questions based on our BCM readiness model  to assess your BCM capabilities and take stock of where you are  and where you would like to go with BCM.

Taking the PSI BCM Preparedness Assessment Survey will help you  better understand:

  • Your company’s current state of preparedness to address  business disruptions.
  • Next steps toward improving your BCM level of adoption  described in clear, straight-forward terms.
  • The potential benefits and advantages you can access right  now with your existing infrastructure.
  • Recommendations for moving to the next level of BCM  maturity to achieve greater business flexibility through greater  adoption of industry best practices, regulatory requirements,  and standards compliance.


Take the No Obligation BCM Preparedness Assessment Survey now!


All information entered and the resulting Readiness report are Confidential.

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