Our  Resiliency and Business Continuity Planning process is designed for improved preparedness to minimize exposure to business loss and disruption. Our Certified Business Continuity Professionals (CBCP, CBCV, and MBCI) are ready to assist you in all aspects of planning, including the deployment of Paradigm Solutions’ OpsPlanner™ software tool that allows you to collaborate, create, plan, and manage business recovery, crisis management, and notification plans over the Web.

Proven Five-Step Methodology

Business Continuity Consulting Lifecycle


  • Review preparedness of organizational assets
  • Review the quality of the current plan and program
  • Perform a formal risk assessment
  • Undertake a business and workflow analysis
  • Categorize assets and business unit functions


  • Match business unit recovery expectations with information systems recovery capabilities
  • Rank and score critical functions and needed resources
  • Develop a risk vs. cost analysis
  • Communicate priorities with users and vendors


  • Obtain executive management “buy-in”
  • Develop a business continuity policy
  • Establish teams
  • Identify technology, facility, and personnel requirements
  • Gather and assemble essential information
  • Build business unit recovery processes


  • Build a progressive testing strategy
  • Identify systems and business units to be tested
  • Establish responsible parties and schedule of events
  • Develop realistic, time-phased testing scenarios
  • Test recovery of mission critical systems
  • Conduct and moderate testing
  • Communicate test results among team leaders


  • Build a sustainable maintenance strategy
  • Use test results to modify contingencies and update the plan
  • Provide for checks and balances
  • Establish accountability

For more information about BC/DR/COOP Consulting services please contact:

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