A critical first step in your planning process is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). It will help your organization determine the criticality of process, interdependencies between processes and/or organizational hierarchy/locations, appropriate risk factors and ranges of impacts (both financial and non-financial).

PSI Certified Professionals will survey appropriate personnel to determine:

  • Critical Functions within each business unit
  • Expected Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives
  • Processing Cycle Duration for each Critical Function
  • Identify Deliverable and Quantity Delivered per Cycle
  • Value per Deliverable Unit
  • Supporting Functions necessary for completion of Critical Functions
  • Work Inflow and Outflows to identify Critical Points of Failure
  • Resources necessary to complete Critical Functions
  • Level of Impact to each of the identified risks based over periods of time

PSI Certified Professionals will develop a report that details the impact of loss of operations for each of the business units and service segments under review. This process will include the following:

  • Analyze all data collected
  • Re-validate conflicting or missing information
  • Build graphical and written information summaries
  • Prepare management report deliverable

The report will define categories of risk and/or associated financial impacts that may result as a consequence of a disruption of service. Assign a Maximum Allowable Outage (MAO), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and Recovery Ranking of those processes.

For more information about Business Impact Analysis services please contact:

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