At PSI our Certified Professional will guide your organization in the development of a sustainable business continuity planning strategy. Our holistic planning approach is based on a continuum of activities leading to the development of documented, tested and contemporaneously maintained plans. The plans describe roles, responsibilities and actions necessary to resume business functions following an emergency.

The continuum includes:

  • Assessment – Review preparedness of organizational business units and critical corporate assets (people, facilities, IT infrastructure, Critical Records, supply chains, etc.)
  • Prioritization – Rank and score critical functions and needed resources and develop a structured order of recovery.
  • Planning – Based upon the results of the previous steps, develop logical planning steps focused on recovering and restoring critical business unit functions within predetermined thresholds after a disaster or extended disruption.
  • Testing – Build a progressinve testing strategy and implement steps needed to regularly test mission critical systems and response actions across the enterprise.
  • Maintenance – Develop a maintenance strategy to ensure that plans are contemporaneously maintained and integrated into business unit operations.

Review of Existing Business Continuity Program

PSI’s Certified Professionals will conduct a review of the current state of the client’s Business Continuity Program. Upon completion of this review, PSI will provide the client with a Gap Analysis based on the information provided as compared to industry best practices and in line with the client’s business needs.  The following elements of an effective Business Continuity Program will be considered:

  • BCP Policy
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Evacuation Plans/Shelter in Place Plans
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Disaster Restoration

Development of a Comprehensive Business Continuity Program Strategy

Upon completion of Phase I the PSI consultants will have a clear understanding of the organization – and a clear understanding of the critical systems and processes that must be recovered in order to sustain continuity of operations.  The purpose of developing the strategy is to provide client management with a clear understanding of the resources needed and the needed approach that should be approved prior to commencing the development of the updated recovery plans for each business unit.

Once the Business Continuity Strategy is determined, PSI will conduct some, if not all of the following services:

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