A Single Tool for Your Entire Continuity Program: Integrated Business Continuity/DR/COOP Planning, BIA, RA, Incident Management, and Automated Notification

No more inaccessible or cumbersome hard-copy documents and unreliable manual call trees! OpsPlanner improves productivity during planning and is accessible, fast, and effective during a disruption or crisis.

OpsPlanner Interactive Business Continuity Lifecycle

Plan Audit Impact Analysis Risk Assessment Plan Development Image 05 Training and Awareness Plan Maintenence Compliance
Business Continuity Lifecycle

OpsPlanner, a Complete Tool with the Best Available Features and Robust Functionality:

Easy to Use

Complicated and expensive training is not required. With OpsPlanner, it is truly practical to give plan owners direct access to their plans, making it easy to keep plans up-to-date.


No need to purchase, integrate, and maintain separate software tools for planning, BIA, RA, incident management, and notification functions. OpsPlanner offers extensive features and functionality that supports your entire continuity program: risk assessment, impact analysis, plan development, training and awareness, testing and exercising, maintenance and audit.

Fully Integrated

OpsPlanner seamlessly integrates planning with business impact analysis, risk assessment, incident management and emergency notification, thereby speeding recovery and simplifying the process of contact management.

Web Based

With OpsPlanner, all plans and related documents are stored in one location which prevents confusion about where to obtain information in an emergency. OpsPlanner is Web-based, so planners have 24 x 7 x 365 access to information.

Secure and Auditable

Security and audit provisions allow you to have tracking capability of all events in the planning and recovery process.


Suitable for any size entity from small local organization to large multi-national enterprises.

Very practical to deploy, OpsPlanner is a software tool that allows you to collaborate, create, plan, and manage business continuity, crisis management, or disaster recovery plans over the Web. It can be used by any size or type of organization. Using OpsPlanner, stakeholders can communicate in real-time to make informed decisions during planning or a disaster response. Because plans change frequently, OpsPlanner makes it easy to effect changes and to communicate automatically.