OpsPlanner’s BIA/RA Expert is an optional feature that allows an organization to enhance the integration of work flow, recovery resources and data into the OpsPlanner Business Continuity Planning Process. This feature allows an organization to define BIA/RA parameters, and dynamically generate customized BIA/RA surveys based on these parameters. The BIA survey response automatically calculates recovery objectives. The RA survey results detail a ranking of each surveyed hazard by probability, impact and vulnerability.

BIA/RA Methodology Tasks

An updated set of BIA/RA methodology tasks for performing the Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment process, which due to the enhanced data gathering surveys and reports, significantly reduces the overall effort as compared to the manual BIA/RA process and other BIA/RA tools.

BIA/RA Surveys

Provides the ability to define parameters for multiple and/or distinct lines of business, Impact Categories, Assets, Threats and Hazards. Once the threshold parameters are defined, a dynamic BIA/RA web-based survey is generated which can be sent to any number of internal or external stakeholders for participation in the BIA/RA process. As well, the BIA/RA Survey Administrator can modify existing questions and add an unlimited number of user-definable questions to the end of a survey.

BIA Dependency Diagrams

Creates dependency maps at the organizational unit level and integrated dependency maps across all consolidated organizations for: inflows, outflows and resource relationships

Create and/or Update Plan from BIA

BIA Expert allows a user to automatically create a plan from the BIA leveraging demographic information, critical functions and resource needs into the plan. As well, subsequent changes to the BIA can be used to update the existing plan.

BIA/RA Reports

Contains a complete set of BIA/RA reports that include Impacts Over Time, BIA Survey Detail, BIA Resources, BIA Survey Summary, BIA Comparison Report, RA Survey Detail, RA Threat Analysis, and Risk Matrix Summary.

The BIA Comparison Report enables the organization to identify gaps between surveyed resource requirements and inventory resources on hand. The BIA Survey Summary provides calculated recovery time objectives and overall recovery ranking based on organizational scores for tangible and intangible impact data. The Risk Matrix Summary displays a grid placement of all surveyed RA Hazard items based on High, Medium or Low calculated ratings for Probability, Impact and Vulnerability.

For more information about OpsPlanner’s BIA/RA Expert capabilities please contact:

Info@ParadigmSI.com or 800-558-9568, Ext. 308

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