OpsPlanner is designed to easily support the sophisticated needs of the modern enterprise.   You can deploy OpsPlanner with confidence to a large number of locations, business units, and stakeholders.  And, OpsPlanner security and technical architecture can fit right in with you IT environment.

Supports User Group and Role-Based Access Control

Allows user groups to be organized in a logical fashion. Most often users are organized by department or function so that it is easier to specify access control privileges based on roles and responsibilities.

Built-in Support for Custom Reports

A comprehensive set of Administrative and Planning reports, which allows managers to create custom single-view or multi-view exports and build custom reports in order to extend OpsPlanner’s reporting capabilities to meet the organizations unique requirements.

Active Directory/LDAP Authentication

For premise-hosted implementations, OpsPlanner easily integrates into your directory of choice. By doing this, security is strengthened and separate user accounts and passwords are not needed.

For more information about the OpsPlanner software solution please contact:

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