OpsPlanner provides a two-way Emergency Notification System that is integrated into the application with the advantage of no requirement to log into or configure and maintain a separate notification application or contact data. Contacts or stakeholders are managed within OpsPlanner (and synchronized with external systems) as Contact lists and individual contacts that can be linked to individual plans.  The solution provides for robust two-way notification capabilities, and includes the ability to select up to 8 devices for notification (work phone, home phone, cell, email, or SMS text).  As well as, prompt for PIN authentication, connect to a live conference bridge, set default message by plan, user-definable free-text Y/N questions, and configurable language selection.

The OpsPlanner notification tool provides both inbound and outbound capabilities which can reach thousands of people rapidly.  Employees, customers, and suppliers can receive the same consistent message via on or more devices.  During times of mild disruptions like snow emergency closings to crises such as fires, speed can count.   With OpsPlanner, the message can arrive in seconds anywhere in the world!

High Speed Automated Notification

Allows managers to contact customers, vendors, and employees with speed,  accuracy, and a consistent message along with the ability to create predefined TTS or recorded ENS message templates and configure for multiple languages.

Multiple Devices

Supports multiple device messaging for outbound messages and delivers messages using advanced text-to-speech technology. This includes the ability for recipients to provide inbound status updates using callback numbers and unique message access codes.

Real-Time Response & Status Tracking

Initiate messaging on demand and allows recipients to communicates in real-time so that in the event of a disruption, they have two-way communication in order to obtain information and to make more informed decisions.

For more information about OpsPlanner’s Emergency Notification capabilities please contact:

Info@ParadigmSI.com or 800-558-9568, Ext. 308