OpsPlanner integrates all aspects of business continuity planning  while simplifying all the steps.  OpsPlanner provides the ability to bulk import plans.  As well,  the solution provides the backdrop for automated reminders and dashboard views of planning and plan approval progress, managers can better focus on strategy, leadership, and management of the entire program.

Hierarchical Plan Organization

Provides the ability to organize a large number of plans in a logical and flexible manner with the ability to “roll-up” plans by business unit, location, plan type, or by plan dependencies.

Document-Like Plan EditingIA/RA Methodology Tasks

A document -like plan editor reduces training costs and frustrations for contributors by making the plan creation easy and flexible for anyone to use. Existing plan in Microsoft® Word format can be easily imported into OpsPlanner.

Plan Templates

Authors can choose to use plan templates which will guide them through the steps required to build continuity plans and help ensure the plans meet all of the organization’s policies and compliance requirements.

Automatic Plan Maintenance Reminders and Tracking

Enables easier and timely maintenance of a large number of plans by tracking plan progress, sign-offs, deadlines, updates, reminders, and sequential plan approvals with automated Plan Owner alerts.

Exportability of Plans to PDF and MS-Word Formats

Allows for complete plans and all related documents to be available offline in a single PDF or MS-Word file, which can be used as back-up if necessary (including reference materials and documents).

For more information about OpsPlanner’s Planning capabilities please contact:

Info@ParadigmSI.com or 800-558-9568, Ext. 308