OpsPlanner’s real-time incident management features enable stakeholders and Recovery Managers to communicate issues and readily view recovery progress via a color coded dashboard.  OpsPlanner can be effectively used in an actual disruption, as well as to test and improve business continuity plans across the enterprise, as OpsPlanner automatically logs all activities for post event review and analysis.

Launch Plans and Track Progress in Real Time

Authorized users can declare and activate plans based on: type, location, org unit, or by plan dependency. Enables Recovery Teams access to the most up-to-date plan information during an emergency, including triggered alerts for assigned recovery team members, strengthening the ability of the organization to recover. The Status Dashboard provides a real time view of the recovery progress for each plan and event.

Real-Time Plan Modifications as Mandated by Events

No matter how well a plan is designed, the actual event situation may call for changes of names, information and processes during the occurrence of the event. You can do so in OpsPlanner without impacting the integrity of the plan.

Message, Picture, and Document Board Exchange

Allows dispersed team members to exchange information during a disruption so they can then obtain more accurate updates and assessments.


A graphical dashboard view for Executives and Event Managers to easily view progress on Recovery Tasks, Recovery Resources and automated Notifications.  This includes Critical Path Charting with sequencing and leveling.

Detailed Archive of Executed Plans

Enables continuous improvement of the oragnization’s preparedness by reviewing the performance of plans during tests, exercises, and real disruptions; including Event Summary Report with Event Summary Statistics and detail information.

For more information about OpsPlanner’s Recovery capabilities please contact:

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