OpsPlanner has three (3) purchasing options which ensures you will find the mode most appropriate for your organization.

For organizations who choose to keep BC/DR/COOP Systems outside of the organization.

1. Subscription (SaaS) Solution

The client’s OpsPlanner Solutions is hosted by Paradigm Solutions International utilizing the Software As A Service (SaaS) option and therefore has no infrastructure to maintain. The only user requirement is a valid browser connection. The SaaS option minimizes any IS support and maintenance requirements by the client.

2. Managed Hosting

The client’s OpsPlanner solution is hosted by Paradigm Solutions International utilizing the Software As A Service (SaaS) option with dedicated infrastructure. Implementation and deployment can be customized to suit your organization’s requirement and is managed by our staff (additional fees apply).

For organizations that have a robust IT infrastructure and prefer to keep BC/DR/COOP systems inside the organization:

3. Perpetual Site License (Client-Hosted) Solution

The client’s OpsPlanner solutions is hosted by the client in their internal data-center.  OpsPlanner can be customized to suit organizational requirements.  This options requires the client’s  internal IT staff to maintain and support infrastructure.

For more information about the OpsPlanner software solution Purchasing Options please contact:

Info@ParadigmSI.com or 800-558-9568, Ext. 308

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