A Robust Toolset Streamlined and Geared Directly to Planning for Small and Medium Businesses

A Low Cost, Web-based Business Continuity Planning Solution:  Quick-Easy-Powerful

Very practical to deploy, OpsPlanner Xpress is a software tool that allows you to collaborate, create, and plan over the Web. OpsPlanner Xpress is the tool for any small or mid-size organization that is looking to automate the planning process. Stakeholders using OpsPlanner Xpress can communicate in real-time to make informed decisions during planning. Because plans change frequently, OpsPlanner Xpress makes it easy to effect changes and to communicate automatically.


  • Web-based plan development and updates
  • Write plans in a Word® like format and export to PDF/Word®
  • A full Document Management System in which you can attach and upload any type of documents (such as floor plans, Excel® spreadsheets, Word®, photographs, etc) for reference in plans
  • Choose from a wide assortment of built-in templates with tasks and checklists
  • Sophisticated role-based security controls
  • Instant and segregated access to all aspects of the plan (including locations, plan types, organizational units, contacts, etc.)
  • Import contacts and reference data
  • Store and track all activities for use in audits
  • Automated review and approval process with email alert notifications
  • A full set of Plan Management Reports
  • Smartphone plan access

 OpsPlanner Xpress is a tool with the best available features for robust planning…

Easy to Use

Complicated and expensive training is not required. With OpsPlanner, it is truly practical to give plan owners direct access to their plans, making it easy to keep plans updated.


With OpsPlanner, all plans and related documents are stored in one location which prevents confusion about where to obtain information in an emergency. OpsPlanner is Web-based, so planners have 24 x 7 x 365 access to information.

Secure and Auditable

Security and audit provisions allow you to have tracking capability throughout the planning process.

Optional Add-on Features

Survey Tool – Allows a user to access survey templates or build a customized survey to send to any internal or external stakeholder via the web. Responses can be viewed individually or in a graphical summary.

BIA/RA Expert – Enhances the integration of workflow, recovery resources and data into the OpsPlanner Xpress Planning process. The BIA survey response automatically calculates RTO and recovery ranking. The RA survey results detail a ranking of each surveyed hazard by probability, impact and vulnerability.

Upgrade At Anytime

Ability to upgrade at any time to full OpsPlanner™ version, which includes all OpsPlanner Xpress features plus full Program Management, Recovery Management, optional Automated Emergency Notification, interface utilities, additional field customization, chat, ad-hoc reporting, and multi-lingual capabilities.

For more information about the OpsPlanner Xpress software solution please contact:  Info@ParadigmSI.com or 800-558-9568, Ext. 308


OpsPlanner Xpress

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